Lakefront Step Projects

One of NH’s greatest treasures is its abundance of beautiful lakes.  They allow us year round enjoyment and opportunity for valuable family time.  However, one of the greatest disadvantages of lakefront property here in NH is the hilly and sloping terrain so frequently associated with these properties.  But, we must embrace these challenges, for without this topography these lakes would not exist!

As a landscape contractor located in the NH Lakes Region, it seems we are tasked at least a few times a year with a challenging lakefront project, usually involved with creating access from the top of the property to the bottom.  Often, these properties are difficult to work on with steep terrain, tight boundary lines, natural wooded buffers we don’t want to disturb, minimal space for staging materials, and erosion control concerns to keep disturbed soils out of the lake. 

These projects take a great deal of planning, talent, experience, knowledge of NH DES limitations, and the right equipment to perform the work safely and create a functional and aesthetically pleasing finished product.   For several years now, we have been installing steps, landings, pathways, patios, walls, and drainage systems on NH lakefront properties to make them more functional and useful.  We can help our clients from the initial conceptual planning, through the surveying and permitting, and finally with the project execution and completion. 

If you have a lakefront project requiring experience and skill, we encourage you to call us for a consultation.  Put our experience to work for you and enhance the functionality of your challenging lakefront property.

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