The Best NH Landscapers Reside Here! John Chamberlin

So I know that I promised to highlight all of our employees several weeks ago… and I've done two.  Oops.  I guess I have once again fallen into my consistent inconsistency with my blogging.  In an attempt be more consistent, my new plan is to blog shorter and sweeter and maybe that will make it easier…. maybe.

So back on course with gushing praise for another phenomenal employee:  John Chamberlin, otherwise known as Burley.  What can we say about Burley other than we LOVE him?!?!  He is the kind of worker that every boss, supervisor or project manager would love to have on their team.  Only downside of course, is that Burley is eventually going to be in those supervisor shoes.  At that point, we can only hope that he'll get the kind of effort out of the crew working for him as he gives to us.

So what does he give us?  Where should I start?  A great machine operator, a great hustler, picks up fast on everything we teach him, retains what we teach him, is always staying busy and getting ready for the next step, and when it comes to laying sod…. well, the only time I have seen sod go down faster was when it was rolled out with a machine!  Really.

At only 21 years old, Burley dispels the popular notion that "kids don't want to work today". His youthful enthusiasm, willingness to work hard and great attitude is refreshing and appreciated, especially by some of us older crew members!  If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times — if only we could clone him.  We may not be able to do that, but stay tuned for my next post; I think we may have come close!

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