Custom Paver Design

We could simply call this page “Patios and Walkways” but instead we call it “Custom Paver Design” because for us, installing concrete pavers is an art. No two paver patios, walkways, or heated driveways that we build are ever the same. With such a wide variety of paving stone products, we unleash our creativity by using a mix of paver styles, patterns, and colors as well as integrating custom inlays and banding techniques.

Paver Patios That Stand the Test of Time.

A beautiful concrete paver patio – or just a basic one – is only as good as what’s underneath it. The New Hampshire climate is subject to moisture and extreme temperatures. This requires a substantial base of gravel that not only compacts but also drains. Without it, your beautiful patio project will be three-dimensional piece of art after the first freeze-thaw cycle! We have been installing paver patios, paver walkways and heated driveways for over 15 years. Our patio contractors in New Hampshire is well-trained, employing time-tested techniques from The International Concrete Paver Association (ICPI) and are also TECHO-Bloc certified installers.

Permeable Pavers – The Free-Draining Solution for Problematic Sites.

Permeable pavers are our go-to choice for a lot of projects. Maybe it’s because we work on many lakeside and shoreline landscaping projects. One thing is for sure – poor drainage can wreak havoc on a hardscape project. Permeable paver construction gives us a tool to redirect water in a beautiful way.

On small lake front and seacoast properties in New Hampshire, state regulations restrict the percentage of ground that can be covered by non-permeable outdoor surfaces. Installing permeable paver driveways, patios and walkways means a bigger house can be put on that property. Also, our own informal testing finds that permeable pavement has less ice buildup in winter as it dries quickly.

Don’t Like Shoveling? We Install Heated Paver Driveways Too!

I have never heard anyone say they love shoveling snow. Heated paver driveways and walkways are the solution for your outdoor space! During the paver construction process we can install electric heating coils underneath the pavers. When activated prior to a snow accumulation, the snow never has a chance to build up. After the storm, pavement dries quickly, eliminating the need for ice melt. This is an excellent solution for small parking lots and heated driveway systems that are difficult to plow.

Are you ready to dress up your property with a custom paver design? Give us a call!

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“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright