The Best NH Landscapers Reside Here! Justin Douglas

Over the next week, I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about each of our employees. If most of you follow this page, or have dealings with me in real life, you've probably heard me gush over the guys we have on staff. And even though the winter revenue doesn't really justify keeping our entire staff on board, we think it's important to do so. It ensures we'll have quality employees to start up again each spring, and it also lets them live a more comfortable, predictable lifestyle. Collectively, they are our greatest asset for success and we want them to stick around.

Because we value each one equally, I will do this in no particular order, but I'll start with JD Douglas, who has been with us the longest.

JD is a great guy toGreen Monster Landscapes have on the crew simply because of his sense of humor. Of course, we need more than that to make the day successful, and his biggest contributions come operating excavators and Bobcats. His ability to take on any equipment related digging or grading task without constant supervision is a dream for a boss. But to stop there would certainly be selling him short. JD spent a great deal of time with me last year, working on natural stone projects where he is also very skilled, and a great partner to work with. He has a great ability to look forward several steps into the process to the keep the job flowing, and he understands how important quality, detail and craftsmanship is to our final product. In a few words, "He gets it!". Never is there a worry sending JD out on his own to complete a job, to move equipment, to finish up on the final details, or to get a job back on track. In the upcoming season, we expect JD to take on a greater leadership role, helping to mold a few of our younger guys which I will spotlight later on. Thanks for all you do JD, your efforts are appreciated!