Is a Perched Beach Installation the Solution to Your NH Waterfront Conundrum?

The perched beach is quickly becoming the new beach for New Hampshire lakefront owners. With strict rules imposed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, getting permission to install an old-fashioned beach with sand up to and into the lake is nearly impossible.  Why you ask?  Well, for one, sand material added to a constructed beach area will generally be pulled away by wave action.  Further, added sand will settle through into the natural lake bottom.  Although it may take hundreds or thousands of years for a lake to ‘fill-in’, it is a reality that must be faced and considered to prevent a lake from eventually becoming nothing more than a marshy wetland.

So how is one still able to enjoy their waterfront property with toes in the sand or lounging on a chaise?  The answer is likely a perched beach installation.  A perched beach is one that is constructed and elevated above the high water mark.   A perched beach installed on a NH waterfront shoreline is generally achieved through the use of stone walls at the water’s edge, with the beach area behind the wall.  Often, access is granted to the water through the use of integrated steps within the wall. The perched beach method eliminates most of the physical, biological, and chemical impacts sand replenishment would typically have on the lake ecosystem when placed directly on grade with the lake.

Check out the video and pictures below for a quick tour of a perched beach installation we performed during lake draw-down on Great East Lake.  Also included is a brief synopsis of NHDES regulations on Perched Beach constructions and regulations.

If a perched beach is the answer to your waterfront problem, be sure to call us for a consultation.  We have the expertise to install a beautiful and functional beach area for you, and also handle all permitting with NHDES for a pain free installation.

Perched Beach DES regs

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Perched Beach Stone Wall with Granite Steps Perched Beach Stone Wall with Granite Steps Perched Beach Area Permeable Stone Patio Integrated with Perched Beach

Barrington NH Office Opening

Green Monster Landscapes is pleased to announce the opening of its new landscaping office in Barrington New Hampshire. This new location will help us better serve our clients seeking a landscape contractor in the NH Seacoast.  The Barrington Office will be led by Greg Hutchins.  Greg and his company, Terraventures Landscaping merged with Green Monster Landscapes in 2011. After an eight year relationship as colleagues, and collaborating on projects together, Greg was a perfect fit and addition to the Green Monster team and blended seamlessly. Greg brings great problem solving skills with his engineering background, and also great ‘Green Industry’ knowledge coming from a family of horticulturists and landscapers. Greg is not only a great landscaper, but he’s also a great carpenter who has built stunning outdoor wood structures that have been incorported into our landscape designs.  Green Monster Landscapes