Landscapes Built JUST For You

Over the years we have discovered it’s well worth the investment and extra time it takes to create an excellent landscape as opposed to an average one. We believe what sets us apart as a landscape company in the lakes region of New Hampshire is the level of detail and focus that we put into every project.

It’s not just “a landscape” – it’s your landscape. Right from your initial meeting, our landscape designer will want to know your likes and dislikes in order to get a sense of how to create a landscape design that’s unique to you. This design style is communicated directly to our landscape construction crew, who then builds your landscape in such a way that will thrill you every time you see it.

At Green Monster Landscapes, our approach to design-build projects is all-inclusive. As each one is unique, we find the best results come when we oversee the whole process – from planning and design to permitting, construction, and project management…right down to the finishing touches.

Paver Patio Design

No two paver patios, walkways, or driveways that we build are ever the same. With such a wide variety of paving stone products, we unleash our creativity by using a mix of paver styles, patterns, and colors as well as integrating custom inlays and banding techniques.

Shoreline Solutions for the Lakes Region and NH Seacoast

With the cost of lakefront property and shoreline real estate in New Hampshire at a premium, it makes sense to make the best use of that land as possible. There are great challenges – but also great opportunities – when looking at shoreline landscaping solutions.

Artisans in Natural Stone

There is no better landscape construction material for fulfilling our quest for creativity than natural stone. It’s like a heavy 3-dimensional puzzle.

Whether they are building a stone wall, fitting veneer stone, or laying down a bluestone patio, our talented “rock stars” embrace the challenge to hammer and chisel the raw stone before them and assemble it into a work of art that will last for centuries.

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