Stone Masonry

In an age where manufactured concrete masonry products have become more and more prevalent, it can be difficult to find a landscaper who will install natural stone. At Green Monster Landscapes, we have always excelled in different types of stone masonry services and the construction of heavy stone walls. It just fits with our style and mission – to never have two jobs that look the same. When it comes to natural stone types, you can’t help it…every stone wall is going to be different!

Concrete Masonry Products Versus Natural Stone

Concrete masonry products do have their place in the industry. Landscape block is functional and relatively easy to install. Cultured stone veneers come in prepackaged kits that fit virtually any vertical application and involve very little time to install. When production is the primary objective, there’s no substitution for these concrete products.

However, when it comes to longevity and true craftsmanship, there is no substitution for natural stone masonry. Concrete products will eventually age and fade; natural, heavy stone will outlast all of us and look better the more it ages. A properly assembled dry stacked stone wall is incredibly strong because of the weight of the interlocking stones; it needs no mortar to hold it together. Natural dressed stone integrates nicely with home landscapes in the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Stone masonry is also popular choice for seacoast areas due to its natural resistance to salt-spray.

A Stone Masonry Puzzle…Shaped and Assembled Just for You!

Whether it’s a dry-stacked free-standing wall, stone retaining wall, vertical veneer, or patio made of bluestone, our team of talented stone masons are excited to turn a pile of rocks into a work of art. Each types of stone is selected and hand shaped using traditional hammer-and-chisel techniques to fit perfectly. We’re not in a hurry – it’s like a big stone puzzle that we shape and assemble just for you!

Have you been thinking about putting some natural stone appeal into your yard? Well, you have come to the right place! Give us a call today to discuss some of the creative options that Green Monster Landscapes has for your outdoor spaces.

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