Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is another service that fits right in with our creative mission and our “no two landscapes are the same” philosophy. In fact, with landscape lighting, the same landscape isn’t the same when you light it up at night! Landscape features that you may not notice during the day can be showcased at night against a dark canvas. During the daytime, the light comes from one direction and is a consistent intensity and color. A thoughtful lighting design reverses that direction, creates shadows, and uses different levels of light to transform the landscape into a completely different world after dark.

New Technology Makes Landscape Lighting Better Than Ever!

No other aspect of landscaping has been improved by technology as much as landscape lighting. Just 10 years ago, the low-voltage lighting systems that were available were halogen systems that used a lot of wire to install, consumed a lot of energy, and required frequent maintenance of blown out lamps. Consider these ways that the new LED low-voltage landscape lighting systems that we install today are far superior to those old halogen systems:

LED lamps have more than double the lamp life as halogen bulbs.

We can design systems with twice the number of lights using less than half the voltage as the old systems.

We can create multiple lighting zones and program them for different light intensities at different times.

Changing colors doesn’t mean changing bulbs with these new systems. LED fixtures have a wide spectrum of light options.

Our clients can manage their landscape lighting system right from their mobile device!

Landscape Lighting Is Also About Safety.

Because we install a lot of steps, walls and walkways, we always recommend integrating some kind of landscape lighting. The best time to install landscape lighting is before the hardscaping goes in. It may mean path lights, step lights, or wash lights that spread indirectly while lighting up a landscape wall. Our New Hampshire lakes region landscaping projects often include lighting for docks and boat houses.

It’s a known fact that ambient light distributed around a property is a better security measure than a bright spotlight. Bright spotlights cause dark shadows which are easy to hide in.

Landscape lighting not only extends the use of your yard during nighttime hours, but it improves the view from inside as well, transforming that “black mirror” into a softly lit landscape canvas!

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I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.

– Vincent Van Gogh