Design-Build Services

At Green Monster Landscapes, our approach to landscape design build services is all-encompassing. As each project is unique, we control the whole process – from planning and design to construction and project management…right down to the finishing touches.

We don’t sell landscape designs as a stand-alone service. In our view, a landscape plan is simply the visual-rendering part of the creative process that ultimately transforms a piece of land from unattractive or unusable to a beautiful and functional space. We can work off of a landscape architect’s plan or create one of our own in-house.

In some instances (as with smaller projects) a scaled landscape plan is not necessary – a simple concept sketch may be suitable. On large-scale projects that may involve multiple contractors and several weeks to complete, we will often create a scaled landscape plan to guide the process.

What you can expect:

When you call Green Monster Landscapes we schedule a time to meet with you for an hour or so to discuss your goals, take some measurements, offer some ideas – perhaps even a concept sketch. At this time, we will also discuss a budgetary quote based on those ideas. If a scaled landscape design is needed, we will take a deposit at that time and begin drawing up the plans.

We will meet with you a second time to review the design and/or proposal, make final adjustments. If you are ready to go we will receive the deposit and schedule your job.

Generally, our talented crews can perform every aspect of a landscape construction project. When other contractors are needed (plumbers, surveyors, electricians, carpenters), we will have included project management in the scope of work so that everything goes smoothly.

We expect that you will be completely thrilled with the finished product. However, we will walk through the project and make notes of any changes you would like.

We do all the heavy lifting. The important thing with design build projects is to not get overwhelmed with the process. The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step – and the transformation of your landscape begins with a conversation and sharing ideas. If you have a dream for your yard, simply give us a call and schedule a time to begin to make that a reality!

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Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.

– Frank Lloyd Wright