Meet The Crew


Mark Arsenault

Green Monster LandscapesMark started Green Monster Landscapes in the summer of 2003 as a side venture when work got slow at his regular job. After tacking up a few advertisements at local stone suppliers, the patio, walkway, and retaining wall jobs starting rolling in.  In short time, Mark realized that he may have missed his calling and when faced with the choice of choosing to pursue this new venture, or sticking to the old job, the answer was obvious and easy and Green Monster Landscapes was born. Mark is a Certified New Hampshire Landscape Professional. Mark’s favorite job is natural stonework with large boulders.

Tammy Arsenault

Green Monster LandscapesAs the co-owner of Green Monster Landscapes, Tammy performs several key roles, including head of maintenance, accounting, and works alongside the big boys on landscape construction projects. Anyone who thinks a woman can’t do this work sure doesn’t want to tell Tammy that. Tammy is a highly motivated and tireless worker, always keeping up with the guys on the crew, and sometimes giving them a kick in the pants. By all accounts, she is the heart and soul of Green Monster Landscapes. When not working, Tammy enjoys working out (she just doesn’t quit), downhill skiing, gardening, and of course spending time with her beautiful daughter, Madison. Tammy’s favorite job is planting.

Greg Hutchins

Green Monster LandscapesGreg and his company, Terraventures Landscaping merged with Green Monster Landscapes in 2011. After an eight year relationship as colleagues, and collaborating on projects together, Greg was a perfect fit and addition to the Green Monster team and blended seamlessly. Greg brings great problem solving skills with his engineering background, and also great ‘Green Industry’ knowledge coming from a family of horticulturists and landscapers. Greg is not only a great landscaper, but he’s also a great carpenter who has built stunning outdoor wood structures for us. The addition of Greg is allowing us to better serve customers in the Seacoast and Southern NH from our Barrington, NH location. Greg’s favorite job is concrete pavers.

Dan Felix

Green Monster LandscapesDan brings a great deal of landscape experience to Green Monster Landscapes. Dan holds a B.S. in Landscape Operations from Purdue University in Indiana, and first slung a grade rake at the age of 10 years old. Dan has extensive plant and pest knowledge, in addition to years of landscape construction experience. Patient, detail-oriented, and a perfectionist, Dan is often assigned the tricky tasks that require spot-on concentration. Dan is a Certified New Hampshire Landscape Professional. Dan is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys rockclimbing, canoeing and hunting. Dan’s favorite job is most definitely NOT irrigation!

Justin Douglas

Green Monster Landscapes‘JD’ came to Green Monster Landscapes with a background in site work and construction. He quickly showed his value as a machine operator and can usually be found behind the controls of an excavator or a Bobcat, digging, fine grading, or setting boulders. As our top ‘lever puller’ JD is a great asset on lawn installs, drainage, and excavation work. He has also proven himself to have a great eye and capability for building natural stone walls. In his spare time, JD is an avid hunter and his favorite job is natural stone work.

Burley Chamberlin

Green Monster LandscapesAt 110 pounds soaking wet, ‘Burley’ might just be the least burly man you’ve ever met, but he packs a big punch for a small package as he can stack big retaining wall block with the best of them. Burley is currently the youngest of the crew, and his youthful exuberance is always appreciated when the veterans on the crew start to get a little tired. Although young, Burley operates equipment as though he’s been doing it for years and is versatile and capable at everything we do. With more Green Monster training, it’s evident that Burley is going to be a future landscape All-Star. Burley’s favorite job is equipment operator.