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Mark Arsenault

There are many advantages to hiring NH landscape designers who also provides landscaping services like the installation of patios, walls, plantings, and landscape lighting. The landscape designs that we provide for our Lakes Eegion and seacoast clients reflect our years of hands-on experience in working with the many different elements that go into a landscape construction project. We have walked many “nursery miles” and have also seen the practical application of these trees and shrubs in the New Hampshire landscape.

When you call Green Monster Landscapes about a landscape plan, the initial consultation is always free. We want to hear your ideas and make some suggestions regarding your landscape that you may not have thought of. Together we will formulate a vision for your yard that you are happy with. Depending upon the complexity of the design, we may create a full-scale landscape plan, or we may be able to just provide you with a proposal and a simple concept sketch. We will also discuss a project budget with you and give you an idea of what the landscape project will cost before proceeding with a landscape design.

Our custom landscape designs are practical for the New Hampshire landscape. Living here in the Lakes region of New Hampshire, we are familiar with our environment. The landscape plans we create for you are going to take into consideration all of the challenges specific to the region. Shoreline areas have set back and permitting requirements.

There are limitations as to what can be done along the water’s edge. It’s no surprise that New Hampshire soils can be dense and rocky. Through our training and certifications in retaining wall construction, we are always careful to consider hydrostatic pressures and careful to consider the flow of surface water when designing the wall that holds up your landscape.

We have a passion for plants. Our extensive knowledge in horticulture and native tree and shrub plantings also adds great value to landscaping design you receive from Green Monster Landscapes. Because we hand-select all the plant materials we use on our landscaping projects, we are always in the know of the new and exciting varieties of plants that come out every year. Through experience we also know what plants thrive in New Hampshire and what plants do not.

Communication from beginning to end. Perhaps the best advantage of hiring a landscape designer that also provides landscaping services is communication. The more people involved in the process, the greater the chance of miscommunication. At Green Monster Landscapes we are large enough to tackle any size project, but small enough to give every project the special care it deserves. Call us today to get started on your landscape project!

Mark Arsenault

About Mark Arsenault

Mark Arsenault began Green Monster Landscapes, LLC in 2003 installing walkways and patios with little more than a shovel and wheelbarrow. Today, his team consists of dedicated, skilled landscape, construction, and stone mason professionals.