Wood Construction

Mark Arsenault

With the advent of concrete retaining wall products replacing railroad ties as the favorite material choice for retaining walls, some landscapers and landscape designers in New Hampshire today may have “hardscape on the brain” and be overlooking the value and versatility of wood in the landscape.

While concrete or natural stone are the best choices for retaining walls, a landscape design that incorporates the essential non-living elements known as “hardscapes” can include structures made out of wood. Wood is a versatile, cost-effective way to bring more depth and functionality to a landscape design. Wood construction projects are not typically part of a landscape company’s portfolio.

At Green Monster Landscapes, we see the outside of your home as an extension of the inside. Oftentimes, a deck makes that transition. Is your deck like a cage? We might suggest opening areas or adding levels for better traffic flow and ease of use. Pergolas and arbors are great way to get instant shade for patio areas that are in full sun.

If your home is in the New Hampshire Lakes Region, you are well acquainted with the mosquito and notorious “black fly” that hinders the enjoyment of your waterfront property after the sun goes down. A screen house or gazebo is the perfect solution. Maybe your garage is full, and you’d like some outside storage space for your lawnmower or water sport toys. Lakefront dock repair, boathouses, cedar fences, and privacy trellises, lampposts – the list goes on and on when you begin thinking about the many different applications of wood in the landscape. We can do all these things for you.

Our landscape construction team at Green Monster Landscapes is not only talented in the area of stone masonry, but they also have experience and skill in many aspects of home construction. This is just another way our company brings value to our New Hampshire clients who want to get the most out of their yards.

Mark Arsenault

About Mark Arsenault

Mark Arsenault began Green Monster Landscapes, LLC in 2003 installing walkways and patios with little more than a shovel and wheelbarrow. Today, his team consists of dedicated, skilled landscape, construction, and stone mason professionals.